By: Kim Waybright

Friday, March 13, 2015

Office Update

A little contact paper goes a long way...

Some new additions to my craft studio...
I created a sense of privacy in my front bay window!  
I just measured the width of the windows, cut strips of transparent 
contact paper (ordered from Home Depot on Ebates) in different heights, and then spaced them out.  
Simple and I LOVE how they came out!!  

I used white contact paper and my cricut to create wall decals.  

Still working on some organizing but love how it is all coming together!

A New Chapter, A New Shop!

Starting a new chapter... Graphic Design!!

I opened a new shop on Etsy!  Check it out:


Get Paid when you SHOP!!

I have earned hundreds by just using this portal to do my everyday shopping! You are going to buy it anyways... why not earn cash while doing it! We use our cash back as vacation spending money!! :D It's TOTALLY FREE!!!