By: Kim Waybright

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bingo Hall to Wedding Reception Hall

I was honored to be asked to help decorate a fire hall/bingo hall for a wedding reception for some friends of ours.  They were having their reception in the same fire hall I had used for our wedding.  His mom called me in a tizzy!  So I got started.

We needed soft lighting and some items to soften up the room a bit.  She went and bought some live trees and got them 75% off because it was the end of the season:  score!  She also bought the cheapest floor lamps she could find (order through Walmart on Ebates and get cash back) and we dressed them up a bit by wrapping them in some fake ivy (leftover from my reception).  Lovely!  

With the help of the groom's sister's boyfriend, we hung icicle lights from every row of fluorescent lights!  Very tedious but DEFINITELY worth it!  And then we hung the humongous parachute in the middle of the room, which not only looked awesome... it actually helped with sound!  

I didn't take the best pictures of all the work that was put into this project but there were lots of amazing volunteers willing to help!  :-D  

We were trying not to use the fluorescent lights, so I came up with lighted pictures from the actual ceremony (they got married and had a reception in Missouri, where she is from, and then had another reception for everyone who couldn't make it in Pennsylvania).  I discovered (on Pinterest) that you can get cheap prints from Staples called Engineer Prints (ordered them from Staples on Ebates and got 6.5% cash back).  I had them print five 2'x3' pictures and one 3'x4' picture.  

We hung the largest one behind the food table...

 And the other ones were placed around the room.

  I used really cheap foam board from the dollar store so the light actually glowed through the pictures!  I really like how they came out... unfortunately, I didn't take very good pictures of this project!  

You can see how the pictures were glowing a little in this one...

Stuff from the Wedding (invitations, programs, etc)

The Bride & Groom's Table...

To create the glowing pictures, I used spray adhesive and mounted them on foam board (from the Dollar Store).  I created the light feature by taping Christmas lights to another foam board underneath and created a gap between the foam boards by putting cardboard tubes in each corner. Super simple, and they turned out GREAT!!

My house was temporarily out of order for normal living during this project... My super husband has gotten quite used to (and rather good at) weaving through my craft mazes! ;-D

It turned out to be a beautiful reception and we are so happy for the newly married couple!  
Congrats to Abby & Jimmy!

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