By: Kim Waybright

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Etched Glasses & Pyrex Dish

I decided to try out some of the ideas for etching I have found while floating around in blog land.  I saw the pyrex glass dish here that I really liked so I thought I would give it a try.  I saw the monogrammed glasses here and loved them. 

I started out by cutting all the lettering out with my cricut machine on some leftover contact paper I had from a previous project.  I punched out the letters and used what you normally would throw away.  
After finding the perfect placement on all the glassware, I glopped on some of the fantastic etching cream with a Q-Tip (I bought Armour Etch from Michael's on Ebates with a coupon and got paid an additional 7% cash back).  I let it sit and do it's magic for a few minutes.  Then I just rinsed it off and admired my wonderful work!  :-D  

For a first timer, I think they came out GREAT!  I have sooo many other plans for this amazing product! 


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